Powder Coat Cabinets


We’re not just about reducing the clutter and getting organized. We want to make a statement and transforming your garage into a space that becomes an extension of not just your home, but also your personality and lifestyle.

With 11 premium stylized powder coat finishes, you can mix and match color combinations to fit your favorite sports team, motorcycle, or automotive passions.
The protective powder coating provides a seamless moisture resistant finish that can withstand the extreme garage environment. This protects against high humidity, temperature fluctuations, spills, and everyday use. It out performs paints, foils, and laminates and is resistant against chipping, denting, and delamination.

We want to help you make the most of your organized living and create a garage space you will be proud to show off…a space with style… a space that makes a statement about you.


  • The state-of-the-art wood powder coat finishes are an exceptionally durable finish that creates a seamless, moisture resistant shell around the doors and drawers.
  • The Multi-ply 5/8” dovetail drawer boxes are prefinished with a durable UV clear finish.
  • The wall hung, off-the-floor design eliminates the threat of moisture ‘wicking’ up from the floor and allows for easy cleaning under your cabinets.
  • The stainless steel hardware and heavy duty brackets are designed to withstand the extreme environments of the garage.
  • Choose from our maple butcher block, durable powder coat, stainless steel, or laminate work surfaces to best fit your countertop space.
  • With three cabinet colors and eleven powder coat finishes from which to choose, you will find the perfect color combination to fit your exact style.

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